Plastic Surgery for a Pig?

Boris, a 3-year-old pet pig who hails from Rosewater, Australia, is about to get a brow lift ??? and it???s not for cosmetic reasons, the Portside Messenger reported.

The 550-pound family pet pig has been losing weight, and as a result, his excess skin is drooping over his eyes and now he can???t see.

Boris will be carried to the vet in his hometown by a horse float.

???We???ve had to let him put weight back on so he can see a bit,??? said his owner, Graeme Cane.

When Cane and his wife Julie bought Boris, they were told he was a miniature breed and wouldn???t grow to be more than 132 pounds.

Boris was the runt of his litter ??? he used to walk under the belly of the Cane???s family dog, Boof.

Now, Boris enjoys being the town celebrity, and although he sometimes brings mud into the house, the Canes said the pig is toilet-trained and ???cleaner than the dogs.??? 

Click here to read more about Boris from the Portside Messenger.

Say whaaaa???

In Rainbows = in the Zone.

Chris and I were discussing Radiohead albums on our Podcast ( – check it out, it’s fun).  It got me thinking about checking out some newer Radiohead material. As it turns out, that was a good idea on my part.


My study music of the night is the Radiohead album In Rainbows.  It’s great – interesting, melodic, soothing – basically a great soundtrack to study to. Check it.  It gets me in the zone. 



St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is awesome.  I am wearing green right now, and i love seeing a lot of other people around wearing green.  It’s fantastic.  It’s awesome for a number of reasons, really.  

Firstly, it’s a holiday after a Saint of the Church who brought Christianity to Ireland.  

Secondly, a LOT of people get pinched for not wearing green, which is hilarious.  

Thirdly, people consume green things – such as eggs, various meats, beer, etc. I’ve never had a green brew before – perhaps today is the day to start. 

Fourthly, People talk about gold and clovers and other Irish things, which leads to amusing conversations. 

Fifthly, It’s a total open door to talk about St. Patrick and what he did – which was evangelize a whole contenent in a totally new way.  By sharing the Gospel through loving practically and sharing generously.  

George Hunter III wrote a great book on this – the Celtic Way of Evangelism.  We have a lot to learn from ole St. Pat. 


President Obama Goes Out On a Limb

Even President Obama fills out a NCAA Tournament Bracket – and he picked all 4 Number One Seeds to make the Final Four.  Way to take some chances there, President.  Way to make some bold predictions there, President. 

But then again, I think I might like that he picked the obvious choices to advance.  While I don’t quite agree to all of President Obama’s policies, I like that he’s playing it safe – at least when it comes to this silly little tournament that everyone gets so worked up about.  I like Playing it Safe every so often.  I think it’s just prudent sometimes.  


In other news, Robert Plant, the legendary lead singer of (in my opinion) the Greatest Band of All Time Led Zeppelin, was on the Dave Letterman show back in February.  It was a fascinating interview.  He talks about his encounter with Elvis, and much more.  If you love music, or Elvis, or Zeppelin, you’ll love this interview.  Great Stuff.