St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is awesome.  I am wearing green right now, and i love seeing a lot of other people around wearing green.  It’s fantastic.  It’s awesome for a number of reasons, really.  

Firstly, it’s a holiday after a Saint of the Church who brought Christianity to Ireland.  

Secondly, a LOT of people get pinched for not wearing green, which is hilarious.  

Thirdly, people consume green things – such as eggs, various meats, beer, etc. I’ve never had a green brew before – perhaps today is the day to start. 

Fourthly, People talk about gold and clovers and other Irish things, which leads to amusing conversations. 

Fifthly, It’s a total open door to talk about St. Patrick and what he did – which was evangelize a whole contenent in a totally new way.  By sharing the Gospel through loving practically and sharing generously.  

George Hunter III wrote a great book on this – the Celtic Way of Evangelism.  We have a lot to learn from ole St. Pat.