President Obama Goes Out On a Limb

Even President Obama fills out a NCAA Tournament Bracket – and he picked all 4 Number One Seeds to make the Final Four.  Way to take some chances there, President.  Way to make some bold predictions there, President. 

But then again, I think I might like that he picked the obvious choices to advance.  While I don’t quite agree to all of President Obama’s policies, I like that he’s playing it safe – at least when it comes to this silly little tournament that everyone gets so worked up about.  I like Playing it Safe every so often.  I think it’s just prudent sometimes.  


In other news, Robert Plant, the legendary lead singer of (in my opinion) the Greatest Band of All Time Led Zeppelin, was on the Dave Letterman show back in February.  It was a fascinating interview.  He talks about his encounter with Elvis, and much more.  If you love music, or Elvis, or Zeppelin, you’ll love this interview.  Great Stuff.