Plastic Surgery for a Pig?

Boris, a 3-year-old pet pig who hails from Rosewater, Australia, is about to get a brow lift ??? and it???s not for cosmetic reasons, the Portside Messenger reported.

The 550-pound family pet pig has been losing weight, and as a result, his excess skin is drooping over his eyes and now he can???t see.

Boris will be carried to the vet in his hometown by a horse float.

???We???ve had to let him put weight back on so he can see a bit,??? said his owner, Graeme Cane.

When Cane and his wife Julie bought Boris, they were told he was a miniature breed and wouldn???t grow to be more than 132 pounds.

Boris was the runt of his litter ??? he used to walk under the belly of the Cane???s family dog, Boof.

Now, Boris enjoys being the town celebrity, and although he sometimes brings mud into the house, the Canes said the pig is toilet-trained and ???cleaner than the dogs.??? 

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