Stories from Colombia

Ansel Adams once said, “Sometimes I arrive just when God wants someone to click the shutter.”

Our little team didn’t go to Colombia for 8 days to click shutters (necessarily), we went to share the Hope found in the Love of God. For three of those days we hit the streets of Medellín, Colombia, partnering with churches and going door-to-door sharing our stories with anyone who would listen. It was certainly uncomfortable and even scary at times.  Despite that, we discovered that God’s timing was and is truly perfect.  Here are a couple of stories…

My friend, Allison, knocked at the door of a tired mother. She answered and Allison shared her story of God’s love, eventually leading her in the prayer of Salvation. After chatting for a short while they got up to leave.  As they were walking out the door, the Mother’s son walks in.  After explaining why they were there, the son was visibly shocked.  “I was just having a conversation with someone about spirituality today – and we were trying to figure it all out” he said. “It’s perfect you’re here. This is what I need.”  He accepted Christ too, right next to his mom. Perfect timing.

I noticed an early teenage boy and a girl sitting on a sidewalk in a dingy alley scarfing down snow cones. After chatting with them about snow cones for a few minutes I told them why I was there. I shared my story of God’s love and asked them this question: “Do you know where you will go when you die?” They shot each other curious looks and said they were just talking with their friends about this very thing not two hours ago – about what happened when we die. “We want to know,” they said. Their friends eventually wandered over and before we knew it there was a little crowd hearing about God’s Love and how He wants Life for us now and for eternity. They accepted Christ next to a puddle of melted snow cones. Perfect timing.

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All in all, 190 people accepted Jesus in the three days we evangelized, to God’s Glory.  There are many more stories to share, from Brandon sharing Jesus in the house of a drug dealer, to Steve Rehner being accused of being a witch (ask him about it), to the amazing Colombian food. Ultimately, we found that we arrived just when God wanted someone to click the shutter, by the grace of God.

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