Poor Old Lu

When I plug my Ipod into my car stereo it automatically jumps to a random song.

I am always interested to see what song comes up. The other day I got a little Tina Turner, day before that I got Barry White – i felt a little strange listing to Barry White while driving down the road, but hey…i’m alright with that.

I did that yesterday and it went to one of my favorite songs back in Middle and High School. I had forgotten about this song and had not thought about this band in a very long time.

But this song came on and I realized how deep and poignant are the lyrics and the music.

And i realized how there is great poetry in the songs we listen to. This is one of those songs that has a great poetic flair.

This song is a prayer. A very interesting one. It’s by the band Poor Old Lu – a Christian band that broke up in the late 90’s but their music sounds like it was made yesterday. They remind me a little of The Cure.

This is the song Rail:

Jesus tie these hands
I used to think
That every thing I touched
Turned gold
But it don’t
It turns cold

And reason guides this man
Like spring, and fall
And wind to sand
I sway, I sway,
I cannot stand

What do I do,
When it seems I relate to Judas
More than You
And I can’t ever
I can’t ever
See the end…

Jesus help me see
It’s not about consequence
It’s peace
And I won’t seek
On my own knees

And grace is over me
It’s true I feel, I know it’s real
But will I live
What I believe

Some food for thought for me this day…Here’s to Poor Old Lu – my band of the week. May my prayers be as sincere and authentic as this one.