Top Ten Signs Your Team Isn’t Ready for the NCAA Basketball Tournament – Letterman

Top Ten Signs Your Team Isn't Ready For The NCAA Basketball Tournament

Your mascot is starting at power forward

9.Last guy to make a free throw graduated in '03

8.Only thing coach has ever won is a wing-eating contest

7.After every basket, team hits the showers

6.Instead of practicing, team spends their time in gym decorating for college's annual spring fling

5.Whenever player dunks, he gets caught in the net like a tuna

4.Only ref who thinks you have a chance is the Marriage Ref — catch the new hit show Thursdays at 10 on NBC!

3.Keep asking why you can't play in fabulous outfits like Johnny Weir

2.You play like this guy (video of President Bush bouncing flat basketball)

1.Players are smoking even more than Obama