Caffeine, instruments, music, et al.

I used to think that caffeine didn’t have an effect on me. However, i am beginning to think that it does all of a sudden – hence why i am awake at this hour.

One of the most awesome, yet underrated, instruments is the Lap Steel Guitar. Me and M went to see The Decemberists here in Lexington, and they utilized the aforementioned instrument to perfection. It’s one of those instruments that can make a good song a truly great song. It adds an element of emotion and depth to a song that a lot of instruments just can’t do. I’ve always thought this of the cello, harmonica, and Hammond B-3 organ as well.

By the by, the Decemberists were incredible this time around. They did the entire Hazards of Love set, without stopping. It was truly amazing. I had seen them once before, on their last tour in Louisville, and that was awesome. This one, however, was fantastic. I recommend it.

It’s been quite a year, it’ll be interesting to see how it wraps up. I am sure it’ll be better going out than it was coming in…

Other music that i have been listening to quite a bit, other than the Decemberists, is Neko Case…a fantastic vocalist whose songs are deep and layered and almost mysterious, yet fun.

Lupe Fiasco, my favorite rap artist right now. Here’s a great lyric From ‘Hip hop Saved My Life’: “He turns down the beat writers’ block impedes, crying from the next room a baby in need, of some pampers and some food and a place to sleep, that plus a black Cadillac in D’s is what pushes him to be a great MC.” He’s the best on the stage right now, arguably.

Katie Herzig – a great singer/songwriter – “I want to feel your hands, i want to feel your fire burnin from where i stand…”

David Gray – British singer/songwriter – brilliant – “I’m the bottom line of the joke, i am ecstasy spilling like bright egg yolk, I’m the thoughts you’re too ashamed to ever share, i am the smell of it you’re trying to wash out of your hair…” from the song ‘Nemesis’ – really deep and fascinating.

A Fine Frenzy – Good band, front woman Allison, has a beautiful voice – “is there a chance you’ll change your mind? Or are we ashes and wine?” From the song Ashes and Wine. Great song.

And finally Modest Mouse – great band, different, rocking, fantastic: “The truth had stopped and the skyline rose Exchanging comfort for more fashionable clothes. I’d left the hills at this point in time To run on treadmills in a perfect line” from the sweet song Guilty Cocker Spaniels.

This is just to name a few…

I think the caffeine finally wore off.